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About XPro Mailer

Throughout the years direct email marketing is the proven method of placing your opportunity in front of perspective customers. Email marketing combined with targeted website traffic is the key to successful advertising. We offer the most effective means of advertising on the internet today.

We offer a powerful technology that can greatly enhance your promotional arsenal. Plus many other marketing tools for contacting a targeted audience of people with a proven track record of making purchases on the internet. Put your advertising efforts in overdrive.

Reach a broad audience of people who already show interest in online products and services. Use our highly effective digital marketing strategy to contact new prospects. Then convert those prospects into customers and turn one time buyers into lasting contacts for repeated sales.


Professional advertising programs for your marketing strategies that deliver the visitors your programs deserve. Reach thousands of eager prospects ready to review your opportunity.

Automated Advertising

Schedule your auto ads and sit back and relax while out Set and Forget technology puts your campaigns on autopilot

Fresh Prospects Daily

Reach thousands of fresh prospects every day. Download up to 5,000 leads daily with name and email address

Web Based eBlaster

Upload leads and send personalized messages. No better email marketing system available on the internet

Website Traffic

Get traffic your website deserves with our targeted website traffic program. Ad campaigns setup on our ad servers

Mobile Device Traffic

Links displayed on iPhones, Androids and all tablets. Modern technology posts your links on all mobile devices

5-Level Compensation

Get immediate entry into our exclusive 5-Level compensation plan. Recurring commissions paid on time every time

Set Your Campaigns on 'Automatic'

and Let Our System do the Work for You!

Advertising resources for your marketing needs

Automated advertising to thousands of prospects daily

Ads placed on smart phones and all mobile devices

State of the art “Set and Forget” technology

Download up to 5,000 fresh prospects daily

Prospects with first name, last name and email address

Thousands of fresh prospects daily to market your business

500,000 banner impressions at signup

Get the traffic and the customers your website deserves

Take your advertising efforts to a whole new level

5- Level compensation program earns massive commissions

Automated advertising system – let our system do the work

Your own web based eBlaster sends personalized messages

Take control of your online advertising efforts

Up to 1-Million mobile, web traffic and banner impressions

Thousands of fresh prospects daily to market your business

No need to login daily. Just "Set it and Forget it"

Simple and straight forward

We provide 5,000 fresh prospects daily, exclusive access to our Set and Forget auto
send technology and all the features described on this page or your money back.

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